Why you need to get an online business before it’s too late

This is one of the leading news stories in the UK today:
The BBC started their report today with this:  One of the UK’s largest employers, the retail sector, is facing the loss of up to 900,000 jobs and the closure of thousands of shops in the next decade.

Watch John Lewis’s Sir Charlie Mayfield on why it is dangerous that people are not realising how significantly the workplace is changing:

Sir Charlie Mayfield Interview

What does this mean for you?  This will change the High Streets forever and we are already seeing that: an ever increasing number of restaurants, bars and coffee places while there are fewer and fewer shops will also mean that even those that aren’t yet shopping online, will move over to online shopping more and more.

So, grab your corner of the online shopping sector now while you still can.  And more importantly, if you are working in the retail sector – don’t wait until your job is one of the ones that is cut – get out and take charge while you can.

Choices, Chance, Change

So, looking at the key trends in the business sector, we have online shopping over retail, network marketing as the sector for producing the highest numbers of multi-millionaires and health and well-being as every state’s health budgets are getting smaller and chronic, lifestyle-related diseases are on the increase.

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