The Change Cycle – make lasting changes in your life

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Are you looking to make some changes in your life?

Do you know that you SHOULD be making some changes, but don’t know where to start?

Are you a bit daunted about the implications and how it will affect your life?

Don’t worry – come join us on what is inevitably going to be an exciting journey and learn all about the cycle of change and how your understanding of it can help you get through.  All of us have been where you are today and we just wished somebody had been there for us with a few tips and ideas how to live the ideal life rather than just get by and survive.

Before we get started, it is important to understand a few concepts as understanding them is crucial in helping you go through the process.

Step 1 – The Change Cycle:

The Change Cycle demonstrated in 4 steps
4 essential steps in the Change Cycle you need to understand

Here is a model of what we go through when we want to change something.  It isn’t all plain sailing once the decision is made.  At some point, we all hit the Dead Zone and because it is uncomfortable and full of fear and doubt, we believe that it is a sign that we shouldn’t go through with the change and so go back to where we were.  ‘The Devil you know…’

So, step 1 is for you to accept that at some point, this process will become uncomfortable and there will be fears and doubts.  That doesn’t mean your decision is going to be the wrong decision and it doesn’t mean anything other than it is a natural step in the process.  In one of our next emails, we will look at techniques to help us deal with that phase.

So, are you currently unhappy with some aspect of your life?  Would you like to be fitter, thinner, healthier, have more time, more money?

Then you are on a journey and you have taken the first step and are on the verge of moving from the first quarter to the second quarter of our cycle: you are looking for the options that are available to you – and throughout the next few emails, we will talk some more about how to look for opportunities.

Have a great day!

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