Some business tips for 2011

Some wise words from Rosie Banks:

Mark and I just had our weekly planning meeting. It is amazing how much more focused I feel after discussing with each other our intentions for our businesses.

I have some tips for you, all based on what I have implemented, practice regularly, and endorse heartily.

  1. Have a system for putting everyone you meet in some kind of list or data base. Know how to put your fingers on each and every contact you make. Get those business cards off your desk and get the information into some system.
  2. Make the basics of this business what you do mostly. The fancy stuff is extra. Make approaching people, following up, and leading people through the process the main thing you do. Get better and better at this. There is no arrival point and your skills should be continuously honed.
  3. Be resourceful. Know where you put your fingers on pertinent information that is relevant to the person with whom you are speaking. I just Googled USANA and University of Denver to get the link of the study done with Reset and found this amazing chart. You want to save things like this for future use.
  4. Take 100% responsibility for your business. Life will get in the way. You can count on that. What you can also count on is your ability to make getting to work a priority.
  5. Get really, really, really good at moving people inch by inch through the process. What starts with an approach and can eventually become a thriving member of your team is a series of small moves which you guide. Stage Selling is about one hurdle at a time and only moving someone to the next place.
  6. The comfort zone is over rated. Make it a habit to find what is outside of your comfort zone and within your reach. Learn how to hang out there.
  7. Make your self-development as important as any other aspect of your business.
  8. You don’t get customers or new associates. They do not belong to you. You form relationships with people whom you can serve.
  9. Get help. If you hit a bump, get help.
  10. Communicate more with people with whom you work. Share stuff. Participate. Contribute. Give praise and thanks. Make it a habit. It’s good for your soul and it’s good for your business.

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