1-2-1 ‘The Creative’ Session

Do you have an active, creative mind?

Do you find yourself filled with new ideas all the time, constantly coming up with another thing to do, but struggling to take action and see them through?  You’re always busy, never stop to review and see if life is on the right track.

In our 2-hours session, we are going to work together to go through all your ideas and thoughts, review the situation and identify different areas and activities that you absolutely must focus on and prioritise as well as those that can either go on a back-burner or be delegated.  We make space for you to learn and practice some breathing and mind-calming exercises.  And lastly, we will develop an action plan how to integrate the most appropriate wellbeing exercises into your life and provide you with some tools and resources how to stay on track.

This session includes access to a member’s section of the website with some specialist resources.

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