Sandra's bio

Over 20 years ago, I decided to move to the Cotswolds for a better quality of life. I set up my own marketing and branding consultancy because I wanted control over my time, my work and to be in charge of my destiny. In the early days I loved my business, and it was doing really well. I met my husband; we got married and had kids, and suddenly the time I had available grew smaller, yet our financial needs were getting bigger.

Soon I was trading time for money and found myself in a cycle of constantly chasing after work I no longer enjoyed that much. Stress increased, health decreased, and I wasn’t the woman, mother or wife I thought I was going to be. When I turned 40 I remembered what I dreamt my life would look like by that stage, and the reality was nothing like I’d planned. Many people claim that dreams are meant to be just that – dreams, but I always believed that they should be turned into reality. And so I looked for a way to change my life – I was not prepared to settle for second best and ‘make do’, or just keep going, hoping that one day when I was retired, I might finally get the chance to do all the things I always wanted to do. I had seen too many people fall ill, die young and never get the chance.

So I took on a network marketing business; one that was succeeding in a growing industry sector, and one that had values, ethics and great products. USANA Health Sciences is a world leading manufacturer of supplements and nutritional products, and I’ve been both a loyal customer and ambassador for the brand for over 20 years.

Partnering with USANA gave me the time I needed to be around when my children were little and to continue earning. Now they are teenagers, I have more room to work on my business, using 30 years’ varied experience in the health sector to offer a range of services that contribute to true good health and wellbeing.

Health has always been part of my work, my passion, and my mission. It encompasses so many different aspects, from the Western, scientific approach to alternative, natural methods, and I believe we can look at health in a much more holistic way than we have done in the past.

  • It is not about giving up everything fun and what you love to live a pure, clean life 100% of the time.
  • It is about being your best self, finding balance and harmony and integrating mental, physical, and emotional health.
  • It is about your diet, your exercise regime, your time-out, and your supplements.
  • It is about loving and embracing your life to make it suit and fit YOU!

And to make that happen, I have brought together a network of people who care about helping you get there and supporting you in any way you need.