I am forwarding and sharing a message sent to Patti Roney from USANA and hope that as many of you as possible will contribute:

Hello Patti,

Like most people, I am stunned and concerned by the recent huge earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan.  Having friends in Sendai (as you and others may!) I am anxious and worried for those whom I cannot contact, but mostly eager to “do something” to help!  I am writing to you because of your ability to reach hundreds (thousands?) of people via email.

I have just been in contct with CHF about this.  Japan is not one of their usual countries to assist, but they ARE taking this on!!! They are working through various partners to contribute to disaster relief efforts and just changed their web site to include “Japan relief” as one of the choices for donation, under “disaster relief.”  With your huge network, can you PLEASE send out notification that CHF has just begun accepting donations earmarked for Japan, and could you please urge participants in Project Purpose, and other people in your huge email base to speed up their already planned CHF donations?

Thank you so much, Patti.   I know I can count on you!

Sincerely, Jo Vos
Usana Associate
Premium Platinum Pacesetter


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