Nutritional Supplements – some of the science explained

I responded to Neil’s blog on his blogsite with the following:

Neil’s asked me to elaborate on his blog on Tuesday by explaining some of what I had discussed with him.

As Neil said, he is working his body very hard at the moment and I have the greatest respect for what he is doing. It’s not easy to push yourself to your physical limits and when you’re running a successful, vibrant business at the same time, you have to work incredibly hard physically, mentally and emotionally.

When our bodies are faced with stress, even if it is ‘healthy’ stress from hard exercise, free radical production increases. This means that we need to have a high intake of antioxidants to combat that free radical production.

The official recommendation is to ensure we have 3 – 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. That is in line with the ‘recommended daily allowance’, which is sufficient to ensure that we don’t develop deficiencies, such as Rickets. However, if we want to ensure that we protect our body against long-term chronic deterioration, which is by far the biggest problem we all face today, we need to massively increase our daily intake to the ‘optimum level’ (5 – 10 times the amount of the recommended daily allowance).

Do you eat 15 – 30 portions of fruit and vegetables a day? Probably not – I certainly don’t. Add in the loss of nutrients in the soil causing food not to have the same level of nutrients in it that they did 50/ 60 years ago and you can begin to understand why more and more experts recommend that a healthy lifestyle ought to include daily supplements of multi-vitamins and minerals.

And then we face another issue: when moving to high-dose supplements, we have to be careful to make sure we get good quality products. Vitamins and minerals can have a powerful impact on our bodies and to ensure what we do is genuinely helpful, we have to have the right balance of the individual ingredients, we have to ensure that the ingredients have as little contamination of metals etc. as possible and we have to ensure that the tablets are definitely going to dissolve in our bodies.

USANA Health Sciences, the company that manufacture the supplements that Neil has now decided to take, guarantee all of the above as they manufacture their products to the same standard as pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured. There are only one or two companies in the UK that are able to offer that. By manufacturing to such a high standard, they can guarantee the tablets will dissolve in your stomach in 30 minutes, they source the highest quality ingredients to ensure that they are as pure as possible and they have an extensive team of scientists continously researching to ensure that each vitamin and mineral used is provided in the right quantity and balance to achieve maximum results.

The benefits? Most people notice an increase in energy levels, sleeping better, better recovery times from injury and generally feeling more positive. So, as Neil said – no supplements can avoid him hitting that wall or needing to work hard to get to his goal – but we definitely hope that the USANA supplements will help Neil get to his goal with a little more energy.

If you would like more energy or if you want to achieve a goal like Neil, go to or ring me on 01451 832 206 and find out more.

Good luck Neil – keep peddling!


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