How do you define your wellbeing?  Where does it start and where does it end?

Over the years, I have continued to question my priorities and attempted to further refine what wellbeing actually is, and how I know I am well.  The one thing I keep coming back to, and where it started for me, is mindfulness.  Being our true selves, devoting our attention to our actions and embracing them with our whole energy makes a difference in how we manage our lives and most importantly, how we cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Last week, we ran our first mindfulness workshop as part of the Wellbeing Day series at Larkswold.  It was a wonderful day, calm, relaxing and productive.  Everybody who attended, including those running it, had been incredibly busy and felt that there were one hundred other things they could, and should be doing, so taking the day to focus on ourselves felt like a big challenge.  However, everybody who came and attended the day brought their full attention, gave all their energy and immersed themselves in every task we had set.

Everyone walked away feeling just that little bit more grateful for their lives and a bit more present in the moment.

One of our participants said she felt truly reset – and I can’t think of a more beautiful compliment.  Allowing yourself time away from everything to give yourself a chance to reset, to breathe and to ground yourself is probably the single most powerful tool we have at our disposal.  So, if you are busy right now, if your mind is racing to all the things you need to do, then take a moment, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the fizzing of the bath bomb in the video and the flicker of the candle (all products made at a Larkswold Wellbeing Day), and remember to be present.

Enjoy Your Day…

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