Make it a Sunny Day for Your Health with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is sometimes called the “Sunshine Vitamin.” It has very little to do with its rosy outlook on life, and everything to do with the science behind how our bodies get their vitamin D.

Scientifically speaking, the Sunshine Vitamin is made in our bodies when specific wavelengths of sunlight hit the skin, converting already present vitamin D precursors into a form of the vitamin our cells can use.

Basically, we need sunlight coming in at the correct angle—like it does during the summer months—to come in contact with our skin. That’s the catalyst, the driver, the force behind our natural vitamin D production.

So what happens when the sun decides to slouch during the winter months, leaving us without the right kind of rays to stimulate vitamin D production? It’s simple: We stop being able to produce enough of our own vitamin D. And this lack of production can last from November to March.

As you may have heard, vitamin D is pretty important. It plays a role in proper calcium metabolism, good bone health, normal glucose metabolism, sound cardiovascular health, and healthy immune function, to name a few.* With all it does, it’s hard to believe that it’s currently estimated that more than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

So with winter on its way, what can we do to make sure our bodies still keep an optimal level of the Sunshine Vitamin? That’s simple, too: USANA products.

In a recently completed clinical study conducted by USANA, individuals taking USANA products had significantly higher vitamin D levels and were six times more likely to have a vitamin D level in the optimal range.*

One USANA product is definitely your best bet to keep the optimal levels of vitamin D your body wants. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s USANA’s Vitamin D supplement, which boasts 2,000 IU of vitamin D per tablet. That’s a lot of sunshine.

For more information about the importance of vitamin D, check out the science posters covering the benefits of advanced doses of vitamin D, and the importance of vitamin D during winter months.


Also, head over to the shopping cart at to pick up some Vitamin D or get in touch, because we all need some sunshine in our lives, don’t we?

First published by Pete Zdanis on 4 November 2010


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