How you garden is how you live – Aha Moments

I am a fair weather gardener and so, based on the weather having been lovely, I have spent this weekend in the garden.  The peace and quiet leaves room for contemplation and it clearly highlighted to me how we garden is a reflection of our priorities and how we run our lives.

Let me give you two examples: I have a friend who loves continuously planting new things – she will find different plants and bulbs every year – and every season and carefully plants them up and then nurtures them into growing and flowering.  She will also take out all the bulbs at the end of their season and keeps them safe over the winter.

I, on the other hand, struggle with that side of gardening whereas I love spending time on plants once they have found their feet.  I love training climbers and can spend hours helping them find a direction.  I also love pruning and shaping bushes and shrubs so they altogether create the kind of atmosphere I want.

Summer flowers
Summer meadow at Larkswold

My friend loves the nurturing side of life.  She has a lot more patience with babies, puppies and anything that needs gentle care and attention.  I love challenging and pushing things and people to independence, hence helping climbers find their way, and once that has been established, I’ll happily leave it to its own devices and only check in with it at regular, but fairly infrequent intervals.  My strength is not in nurturing something new that needs to be started while it still needs frequent and regular help.

If you like gardening, have a think what aspects appeal to you and what feels most natural to you.  How might that reflect how you approach your work and life?  Can you see patterns that help you be clear what your strengths are?

Realising this about myself has made me understand why I have struggled with certain aspects in my work – and in my life.  This in turn is allowing me to review what I look to outsource and what I do myself and how I further tailor and tweak my business.

Here is a wonderful take on the subject: Garden as a metaphor – let me give you an excerpt:

“The garden is one of the two great metaphors for humanity.
The garden is about life and beauty and the impermanence of all living things.
The garden is about feeding your children, providing food for the tribe.
It’s part of an urgent territorial drive that we can probably trace back to animals storing food.

I’m hoping that sharing this with you might make you look at yourself and your strengths differently and help you understand yourself a little better.  And if you’d like some help identifying this, feel free to get in touch for a chat, or book yourself one of my sessions at better life sessions.

Have a fabulous week!

Summer flowers in the Cotswolds


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