How productive is doing nothing? Aha Moment

Hello, Happy New Year!  This is me at the beginning of the year, all natural, no make-up. I hope you’ll forgive me the natural look. I wanted to talk to you about productivity, as my blog this month is going to be a video. One of the things I have realised is how we start January. and there’s all this stuff out there about getting going and setting your goals and starting your weight loss and exercising and business goals and on and on and on.  But actually many of us start the year quite slowly.

Christmas is probably the longest festive period any of us have and it leaves us a bit tired and not always in a bad way, as we experience it as a bit of a slow-down, we are a bit calmer afterwards and not all of us are out there pushing it. So I’d like you to think about it like this:  if you are one of those people who started slowly, like me, that’s quite useful sometimes. Stay that quiet, stay that slow for a bit longer, and allow yourself to do things naturally, and to pick up pace naturally.  Because you might find that that this quiet time turns out to be your most productive creative time, because that’s when you set your real plans for the year. And we all have these subconscious ideas and thoughts and plans that came to us previously, which we never got around to acting on for being too busy.  They are suddenly going to come up and you’ll remember them and now you’ll actually have the time to set them and turn them into goals.  So, my advice for the beginning of this year is that apart from enjoying that beautiful sunshine behind me  (which I’m hoping you can see) is to go with the flow, don’t force it, and don’t rush it if you’re not ready yet to go out all guns blazing.  Sit and enjoy the sunshine, the snow, the cold, cuddling up, whatever the weather is where you are.  Enjoy the pace, slow down, let your ideas ruminate, let yourself find your own pace in your own time.  I can guarantee if you do this whole-heartedly, without guilt and without judgment, you will end up having the most productive year yet. And so I wish you a lovely day.

Frosty winter road
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