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USANA offers products to customers through direct selling, which means that individuals just like you can own their own USANA business. And yes, direct selling is different. It’s not the status quo. But USANA understands direct selling just as much as it understands nutritionals. Which is, they get it. In fact, they’re the best at what they do.

Nutritional Supplements

Over the last 50 years, our nutritional needs have increased while simultaneously, our nutrients in the soil – and therefore in our foods, have decreased.  This ever-widening gap has led to a nutritional imbalance, which can only be bridged through the combination of a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and the use of nutritional supplements.  They simply are a carefully balanced combination of vitamins and minerals, which will support your general immune health.  

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Weight Loss, Dietary Detox & Skincare

Finding a way to lose weight that is sustainable and lasting is one of the biggest challenges many people face.  Diabetes and obesity are amongst the very biggest challenges in the world today and need to be faced by us and dealt with urgently.

Equally, there are many people who don’t need to lose weight, but need to detox from the high glycaemic diet we face in the Western World..

USANA’s RESET programme is simple, easy and the perfect tool towards permanent, healthy eating habits helping you get rid of all the unwanted high glycaemic cravings.

The skin is your biggest organ.  Looking after your organs is the way you keep yourself healthy in the long term and one way to do that is to reduce the chemical and preservative onslaught.  The Sense skincare is completely free of all harmful chemicals and preservatives and therefore allows you to protect your skin in a natural and pure way.

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