Weekend Thought – Gratitude Moment

Sometimes in life, things slow you right down and make you think that life isn’t moving forward. Finding gratitude in everything that happens can change everything…

Here is an end-of-the-week moment of gratitude:
gratitude-happiness-2In the last couple of weeks, our car broke down and it wasn’t worth repairing it.  At first, that doesn’t sound like something to be grateful for.

However: it has forced us to buy a new car sooner than we had planned, but in fact it is making us safer on the road and will bring our overheads down, as it is far more economical to run.

This new car is lovely and we are incredibly grateful to have found it – and that we can afford to buy it.

Yet, at the same time it also showed us how incredible our old car was.  Sure, on the outside it looked rough and it was old, but when comparing it with our new car, it became clear that we had been incredibly lucky to find that one when we did … and that one had also kept us safe and going for as long as it did.

And while I was stuck at home without a car, it gave me the time to sort out my office and clear out old paperwork, work on my Social Media programme and make space for the next phase in my business development.

Well, sometimes these things happen for a reason and actually do more good than we realise at the time!

Have a great weekend!

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