Ethos & Values

I believe that for a business to do its best, all actions need to be built on a strong foundation of values. Smadar’s values start with authenticity – being genuine, real and honest are key. I have made it my mission that every one of Smadar’s messages comes from the heart, and every wellbeing method is something that I have experienced, am currently doing, or have done myself.

It is also about community .When we work together with like-minded people, we share knowledge, we share experiences, and we provide our clients with so much more than when we do things on our own. To that end, I am always adding to a growing wellbeing community to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information to help you improve your life.

And at the heart of it all is this simple maxim: Prevention is better than cure. Fixing something once it is broken is much harder than making sure it doesn’t break in the first place. This is what I get you to think about, looking at the little actions you can take on a daily basis that will help you to stay healthy and strong for a long time to come.