Do what you can to combat the radioactive fallout

This information was provided by a USANA associate in the US.  Please distribute this widely:

Below is a piece of information concerning prevention of radioactive fallout which is possible from Japan at this time.  The below article is from the Colgan Institute.  It was sent to me and requested that it go out immediately.


I have contacted Dr. Ladd McNamara to get his feedback also, and he personally is doubling his Chelated Minerals and always takes 5 mg of Iodiral which he has recommended in his books for years.  (Thank you, Dr. Ladd, for giving me an answer on a Saturday night.) He also believes it is a consideration for everyone and not just those on the West Coast of North America.  Iodiral can be ordered anywhere online and may be available in your health food store.  Our Essentials may well be enough, especially with doubling the Minerals, but it might be wise to error on the side of caution with the extra Iodiral.  Each person must make a personal decision.


Our USANA Essentials have everything else below except iron as we don’t have iron in our products.





Thank you, Louise Houghton of Australia, for sending this through.  You are right, Louise!  Thankfully we are all on USANA!!!


Preventing Absorption of Radioactive Iodine
The building housing the nuclear power plant Fukishima 1 exploded yesterday, 11 March 2011, allowing a cloud of radioactive iodine into the atmosphere.  As the British nuclear authorities reported this morning, the core fuel must therefore have been partly uncovered, in order to create enough hydrogen for the explosion. Japanese officials report today, as wer write, that Fukishima 2 is overheating also, and only has a few hours power left in its batteries to power its cooling system.
Get Your Protective Iodine from Food
Twenty grams of kelp contains a sufficient daily dose of iodine to protect you from the Japanese radiation.  It also contains the main nutrients essential for interactions with iodine, selenium, zinc, and iron, that allow iodine to function properly in thyroid metabolism.  Because the half life of the escaped radiation is about 60 days, you need to take the kelp from today each day for 60-90 days.
You need to take it from today because you have to load your thyroid to prevent the radioactive material from getting into it before the radiation fallout arrives in clouds and rain.  This is especially important if youlive on the western coast of North America. Once the radiation gets in, it is too late.
Depending on the speed of the Jetstream, which flows directly from Japan to the West Coast of North America, radiation detection stations here should start to see a spike in their readings about tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning, 14 March 2011.  So there is no time to spare. Approximately one in every 12 Canadians and one in 10 Americans are iodine deficient.
Numerous seaweed in addition to kelp are also loaded with iodine, and its main interactive nutrients.  You can add 20 grams of several different whole seaweeds to your daily diet.  The main kelps sold as food are, Fucus, Sargassum, and  Hiziki.  The main red seaweeds are Dulse, Nori, and Irish moss.  You can eat seaweeds in soups, or salads; or crumbled and sprinkled onto any food as a condiment. For a potent intake of iodine do not cook the seaweed.  Best is untreated, dried, raw seaweed, in pieces, not reconstructed flakes or granules.

Getting Iodine from Supplements
A good daily supplement to protect the thyroid from irradiated iodine is:
Potassium iodide   300 mcg providing 250 mcg iodine
Vitamin A (Retinol)  5,000 IU
Ferrous gluconate  100 mg providing 12 mg elemental iron
Selenomethionine  200 mcg
Zinc gluconate  50 mg providing 5 mg elemental zinc
One dose per day for 90 days with food. Take a good look at your daily supplement as much of this may already be in your formula.


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