Larkswold Wellbeing Days

Relax – Unwind – Create

A whole day of putting yourself first!

It has been a year of you putting yourself last! Maybe you have had to do all the childcare and home-schooling, all the household chores, and all the work… and you haven’t had the chance to go out, get away from it all, and just take a break to care for yourself. It is time that you put you first and took the time to look after yourself.

We understand that your wellbeing is made up of many different factors and so we have put together a whole day with a group of experts to help show you how you can easily fit self-care into your busy routine.   

Who is this wellbeing day for?

Absolutely everyone! From beginners to familiar faces.

What will I do on the Wellbeing Day?

  • Try out some relaxing Yoga moves to ease your body
  • Spend time on your mindset with some visualisation
  • Use crafting as a mindfulness tool 
  • Take home some beautifully crafted items created by you to continue your wellbeing at home)

You will leave with some easy things to do when you get back home so that you don’t just get one day out, you get the tools to keep taking time out over and over again.