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Hayley Bennett Wellbeing

“I have known Hayley for over 15 years.  She helped me with her reflexology when I was pregnant with my second child and since then, she has worked not just with me, but with my whole family.  We rely on both her reflexology and coaching skills to help all of us deal with physical issues as well as any emotional, subconscious barriers and challenges we might not even have noticed yet.  Her techniques and skills provide consistent support for all of us, and we wouldn’t be without her in our lives.”

Hi, my name is Hayley Bennett. I am a Reflexologist and Shift Creation coach and the owner of Hayley Bennett Wellbeing. I have been working with clients since 2002 and I have been practicing what I teach personally since 1993.

At the age of 19 I had a major car accident and was told I’d never work again. I spent years fighting it, feeling a little bit better and pushing myself, only to crash. I went up and down not having any consistency in my life. I wanted to be the old me, one who could do what she wanted, whenever she wanted – just like everyone else! But over the years I learnt how to get the balance right, how food and alcohol affected me, my energy and my headaches. I realised that regular exercise helped me both mentally and physically and realised that changing little things in my life could make a huge difference.

I now work with individuals and companies to provide tools, techniques, and support to help manage wellness and protect mental health. I believe if we Live Better, we will Feel Better, and this means that we will Work Better. I help people discover what is holding them back so that they can adjust their inner mindset. This means that they can be the person they are meant to be, living the life they deserve.



“I met Melinda and Emma through our children and we became firm friends.  I have admired both of their professional skillsets for many years, and when they decided to combine them with their passion, we all connected and got excited about the prospect of working together. I have enjoyed many wonderful hours honing non-existent crafting skills at Larkswold and we all began to see how important using our hands and making something can be for a person’s wellbeing… and so our wellbeing days were born.”

Hello, I’m Melinda. I work with my close friend, Emma, from my home near Stow on the Wold, and together we have created Larkswold, a crafting destination in the Cotswolds where we hope you can lose yourself for a few hours and leave us feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the world throws at you next!

Larkswold grew from the desire to build a business that brought joy and warmth. We aim to bring the sense of rejuvenation that comes from being in a beautiful, natural environment with warm, genuine people. Learning, creating or making something new can immerse you into a state of flow for a few hours, before you return to the real world, feeling refreshed and restored.


Clare Bayley – The Loft Gym

“Clare and I have worked together for years.  Clare has built the most amazing community and has created a space where everybody will be made to feel welcome from a complete fitness beginner to the ultimate gym freak! We have laughed a lot together, we even had the occasional cry together, and what has driven us both to keep going is our commitment to helping others improve their health.  Clare’s knowledge is extensive and she supports people with kindness and yet drives them to push themselves, making sure they keep moving forward in their health journey.”

Hi! For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Clare, founder of The Loft 24hr Gym.

I started my career in the fitness industry in 2008, teaching a variety of classes. I soon realised that a large percentage of my class participants were from the Evesham area, so when the opportunity came to open The Loft 24hr Gym in 2015 I made the leap, providing contemporary workout space open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also offer Personal Training sessions as well as Yoga and Pilates classes in our beautiful boutique studio.

I thrive on helping people become healthier, fitter and more confident in themselves. Because of this, The Loft offers a supportive environment designed to drive you forward and help you achieve your goals.


James Titmus – Osteopaths of Stow

“James has been working with the whole family on any little tensions, injuries and any muscular skeletal issues we have experienced.  He got me back exercising in record time after an ankle sprain and subsequent fracture.  He guided me through my recovery, making sure I rested it as long as I needed to and then helped me to get my full mobility back.  He has put my children at ease when they have had the odd little pain and always explains the situation in a way that everybody can understand, reassuring us all and has made sure that little niggles don’t become chronic issues.”

Hello! I’m James Titmus. I help people in and around the Cotswold area recover from injury, pain, and discomfort through Osteopathic care. We provide an excellent health care service delivering treatment plans specific to individual needs, as well as aftercare advice and rehabilitation.

Osteopathic care utilizes a wide variety of effective treatment techniques including soft tissue massage, manipulation, joint mobilization and stretching. I like to use my professional knowledge of rehabilitation and self-management to provide people with osteopathic care advice that continues to serve them well beyond my treatment, leaving a lasting positive impact throughout their lives.


Roisin Wood – Yoga Instructor

“Roisin initially helped me find my way back to exercise after I had had children when she worked as a personal trainer.  She is another one of these fantastic trainers who knows how to make you feel confident, competent and to push you that bit further than you’d otherwise go, but always make you laugh as well. A few years ago, Roisin moved onto teaching Yoga and she brought all those amazing skills with her as well as her calming and grounding attitude.  Yoga sessions with her are just a joy.”

Hello, I’m Roisin Wood.  I am a qualified personal trainer and yoga instructor teaching freeflow yoga, connecting and uniting the breath, body and mind.  I like working in small groups so that I can really connect with each individual and give them the focus they need and deserve.

I only work through word of mouth and personal contact, so get in touch on 07854 403164 for more details and a list of my current classes.