Aha Moments – the quiet time

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It is early on Sunday morning and I am the only one up.  It’s a clear day, quiet and beautiful and calm outside.

Yesterday, I was going to write to you how sometimes, life just goes on as normal and there are no Aha-Moments, nothing for us to focus on.  The words just wouldn’t flow, so I stopped writing and instead, just enjoyed an evening watching incredibly, bad, cheesy films with my daughters.

This morning, I got up and took the dog for a walk and now I am sitting here, about to start work – it is quiet, peaceful, and suddenly the words do flow.  That’s because those quiet moments when we sit and enjoy our space, enjoy the peace and just stop and absorb everything for even just a few minutes are equally as important as those breakthrough – Aha moments (if not more important).  Those are the moments where you get to digest everything that has happened, all those thoughts, ideas, challenges that the world throws at us on a daily basis, and to just be.

Quiet time view from behind my house
Early morning view across the Cotswolds

I love those Sunday mornings and when I am busy, I forget to allow myself some time out to enjoy the peace but it is so, so important.

So, if I can share anything with you today, then it is my wish for you that you find a quiet space that you love and take a moment to just be.

Happy Sunday!

If you are the kind of person that wants to read more about this, why not check out this article – it has some interesting scientific background on this topic: Metro Article on embracing quiet moments

And if you are struggling to give yourself some quiet time, and want some help or advice, do just get in touch – I’m always happy to help.


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