Thanks to Pete Zdanis ( for sharing this. Do you think like that?

Abundance Thinking:

You approach every day as a new opportunity to share information about USANA with people you can help.
You realize that not everyone you talk to will be interested in USANA, so you thank those people for their time, ask for referrals, and move on.
You are always motivated and excited by knowing that talking with just one person today could change the lives of thousands of other people for years to come.
You realize that you only need to sponsor 2 or 3 Associates per month to build an extremely successful USANA business and that there are tens of thousands of prospects for you to choose from.
You view every unsuccessful prospect contact as a learning experience, and focus on how you can do better the next time.
Your business building intent is always on how USANA, and you, can help your prospect solve a problem or fill a need.
If something doesn’t work for you, you experiment creatively and try new things that will.
You are always staying up-to-date on the newest USANA business building tools, and give them out willingly, yet carefully, because you know that they are an investment in your business, and your future.
You lead by example and are a role model for others to emulate.
You readily provide support and coaching to receptive, teachable USANA team members, viewing each opportunity to do so as a “win-win” situation.
You view other USANA Associates as team members rather than competitors.
You are always looking for ways to improve yourself as a way to grow your life, grow your business and to better serve others.
You encourage and value the success of USANA crossline Associates, knowing that their efforts are making USANA a stronger company and a more secure business for your team members and you.
You readily tell prospects that they should work with the first person who contacted them about USANA, whenever possible.
You love people and use money.
You know that the only person who can be responsible and accountable for your success is you.


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