Meet Sandra Kanfer Clarke

DSC_047915 years ago, I decided to move to the Cotswolds for a better quality of life. I set up my own marketing and branding consultancy because I wanted control over my time, my work and to be in charge of my destiny. I also believed that I could earn a lot more money running my own business.

The reality didn’t quite turn out that way. I loved my business and it was doing really well. I met my husband; we got married and had kids – suddenly the time I had available got less yet our financial needs got bigger.

This meant that my freedom in the choice of clients diminished – I had to take work when it was offered and that meant some of my clients or projects were not necessarily the ones I really enjoyed.

I was trading time for money – and found myself in a cycle of constantly chasing after work I didn’t even enjoy that much. Stress increased, health decreased and I wasn’t the woman, mother or wife I thought I was going to be.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.10.09 AMWe knew we needed to find a way of creating money that would come in whether we are working or not – this realisation happened around my 40th birthday – and something else happened at that time: I remembered what I dreamt my life would look like by the time I was 40 and the reality was nothing like my dream. Many people claim that dreams are meant to be just that – dreams, but I always believed that dreams are there to be turned into reality.

And so I looked for a way of changing my life – I was not prepared to settle for 2nd best and ‘make do’ or as some people, just keep going/ going/ going, hoping that one day when I’m retired I might finally get the chance to do all the things I always wanted to do. I had seen too many people fall ill, die young and never get the chance. And so I took on a network marketing business – and I didn’t take on any network marketing business. I chose one that was growing, in a growing industry sector that had values and ethics and great products and one that was then, and still is independently voted as one of the top companies in the world – I chose to partner with USANA Health Sciences.

In just a few short years, this business has revolutionised my life creating more time freedom than I could ever have hoped. Now I am ready and excited about my next step, which is going to take this concept to a whole other level:
I am growing a massive, global team of like-minded entrepreneurs, who are all ready to create this change for themselves and the world around them. So I am now looking for people who want to work with the best and be the very best.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.10.23 AMMy extensive experience in the healthcare sector and continuous immersion in the latest nutritional science originally led to my endorsement of this world leading company. My trust in the integrity of USANA’s leadership and my commitment to our shared values of helping as many people in the world as possible, has kept me committed to working with them.
I am passionate about educating individuals in entrepreneurship and I love the opportunity to empower others to claim their dreams back and live the lives they always wanted.