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 Executive Summary

Health and wellbeing are fast becoming the key issues for any business’s productivity.  The individual’s health and wellbeing is made up of physical, mental and social wellbeing, all of which are already impacting a company’s profitability.  Amongst those, stress is the biggest health issue and results in ill health in all areas – social, mental and physical.

Maximum productivity and profitability require investment, not just into standard business practices but also in a company’s employees.  This will increase retention, reduce absenteeism and attract the very best recruits in the marketplace, aiding the longevity and success of any business.

We have launched a programme that helps companies assist their employees in all areas of health and wellbeing to ensure they live the healthiest and most productive lives in order that they get the very best out of their workforce, which in turn helps them to be market leaders in their field.

The medical community’s biggest challenge is dealing with lifestyle related diseases as achieving lifestyle changes is extremely hard for doctors.  These difficulties present a fundamental shift in the medical community within the last 10 – 20 years and our current, medical model is struggling to manage those diseases or even prevent them occurring.

Making those lifestyle adjustments require pro-active changes in behaviours and habits.  These take time and support as it people find them very difficult to maintain over time. 

Understanding the complexities of these health issues and the impact on a company were the reason for us to put together this uniquely comprehensive programme.  It raises awareness, educates on key issues and gives employees a detailed step-by-step guide how to implement changes and supports them until those changes are established habits.

Key Facts

  • An estimated 30.7 million working days were lost due to sickness or non-fatal injury in the UK workplace for the period 2017/2018.
  • Stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 15.4 million of those days lost.
  • On average, each person suffering took around 25.8 days off work for stress, depression or anxiety reasons.
  • A weakened immune system increases our vulnerability, both physically and mentally. Therefore conversely, focusing on strengthening immune health makes each person more resilient and helps them cope better with stress and anxiety.
  • The health and wellbeing of employees is directly linked to their performance and, as such, their productivity.
  • Businesses are becoming more aware of the need to engage with their employees around health issues, including physical, mental and social wellbeing.
  • In an increasingly competitive employment market it is important for businesses to explore ways of retaining their employees and attracting the best new talent in the market place.
  • Changes to lifestyle are multi-causal and as such, require a multi-faceted and integrative approach that combines exercise, diet & nutrition, mindset and sleep.

How it Works

Our programme offers education, advice and bespoke practical solutions to our customers, which will aid the ongoing wellbeing of staff, recognising the early symptoms of potential problems and, where necessary, giving the ongoing support required in a timely fashion. Our programme will also help our customers to become exceptional employers in an ever testing market place.

The programme will be delivered by our lead consultants supported by one or more of our fully qualified associates.

The Programme

Our wellbeing programme can be run in its entirety or in individual sections:

  • Education and practical advice
    1. Making employees aware of the various lifestyle elements that make up a healthy lifestyle
    2. Providing them with information on ‘do’s and don’ts’ of healthy living
    3. Giving employees some general tips how to improve their lifestyle
  • How to get the most from your workforce
    1. Putting together a tailor-made plan for staff members in each of the following areas:
      1. Stress management
      2. Increased energy and resilience
  • Positive mental attitude
  1. Introduction of manageable daily activities
  2. Advice on healthy eating regimes
  3. Additional supportive measures to help strengthen staff’s immune system
  • Identification of issues and early intervention
    1. Recognising the signs of anxiety, depression, burn-out or other work/ non-work related issues
    2. How to approach those showing symptoms
    3. Working with those wanting and willing to accept help
  • Mindset coaching and support
    1. Provide personal coaching and support where required
    2. Offer ad-hoc group sessions with guidance and practical advice


Karen Hine

  • 20 years as an investment banker in the City of London, latterly Head of Foreign Exchange Sales UK for Chase (now JP Morgan Chase) and Bankers Trust (now part of Deutsche Bank)
  • 4 years as a key member of the executive team running the office and affairs of the British Casino Association
  • 10 years as a senior head-hunter in the sport, leisure and hospitality sector, recruiting largely at Board and Senior Executive level

Sandra Kanfer Clarke

  • Over 25 years in healthcare sector, partly spent in research and partly spent educating people on healthy living
  • Simultaneously worked in marketing and branding and as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, trained marketing students
  • Has been running her own business for almost 20 years, incorporating the above to coach and train other entrepreneurs in both running their own businesses as well as living healthily for maximum performance
  • Coaching and running wellbeing programmes with individual clients and a ladies’ only gym
  • Published author and motivational speaker

Associate Team

Sandra and Karen believe that everybody should focus on their strengths and so have a team of associates who each contribute as and when is most appropriate.

The team consist of nutritionists, life coaches, fitness experts, personal trainers and mental health experts.  The team is flexible to be put together to suit each company’s needs.

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