Welcome to Smadar.

I’m proud to welcome you to Smadar Health and Happiness, a place where you will be listened to, supported, and motivated to live your best possible life. My purpose is to help you look at your life holistically, identify challenges and set realistic steps that mean you can improve your lifestyle, health and happiness in a way that lasts.

Smadar – pronunciation = Smar-dar /smɑdɹ̩/

The word ‘Smadar’ was introduced to me in a Kibbutz in 1986 as a Hebrew word meaning ‘Blossom’ and ‘A Sign of Spring’. It was said that my first name Sandra originated from the word Smadar, and it made me feel a strong connection to the word and everything it represents.  Its meanings also seemed very appropriate for the business.

If, like me, you have spent years reading posts and watching videos produced by amazing health gurus, you’ll probably have felt both inspired and put off in equal measure.

Displaying perfect looks and dream lifestyles, they tell us how happy and fulfilled they are, and how we could feel the same if we just did what they did.

Well, for something a little closer to reality, I am a middle-aged mother and businesswoman, and there are times when I get stressed and eat unhealthy foods. I used to watch these health gurus and blame myself for not being in control of my life like they seemed to be.

It took some time, but I now truly believe that perfection is an unachievable ideal and that reaching a healthy balance is a far more rewarding and attainable goal for us all.

Small, regular steps in the right direction are something that we can all do. They lead to satisfaction and contentment, and this is how you can achieve a truly happy and successful life.

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